Book of Blessings illustration project

Last year, in October of 2018, when I was doing a painting retreat in Ireland, I got an email from a Creative Director at Quarto Group, an international publishing company. The email was an invitation to illustrate a book called The Book of Blessings, written by Athena Perrakis, PhD. I didn’t know who Athena was, but in researching more about her, Quarto, and understanding more about what they wanted from me (my watercolors mixed with ink in my original style), I said a big YES!

I started the project soon after and it took months to paint the 24 illustrations based on creating intentional home healing altars. There are two projects per month for an entire year and I also designed 12 illustrated chapter icons.

The exact title of the book is The Book of Blessing and Rituals: Magical Invocations for Healing, Setting Energy, and Creating Sacred Space. It is a little woo woo but since I am too, I totally get it. And love it. As one author wrote as praise for the book, “The Book reads like sage advice and insight from a gentle, magical friend.” Athena created this book to help others live their best life. I am all for that and it fits magically into my own business model!

The project started with the “blad” which is the initial chapter that Quarto uses to send out for initial promo. It was Chapter 4 and here is what I came up with from the photo that they sent me for inspiration.

And this is the one they selected and approved.

I then did sketches of the entire 23 remaining. This is a partial group of them:

And once those were approved, I went to final illustrations. And the rest flowed:

This is how a few of the illustrations look in the book layout:

Check out the chapter illustrations that I did as well (the watercolored edges and layout were done by the talented book designer):

The reviews on Amazon have been very generous, many referencing the “beautiful artwork”. Thank you! I hope you enjoy!

BTW, the Amazon link takes you to a page where you can buy the book, if you so desire (I get zero commission, just sayin’!). And let me know, as always, if you have a project that you think my illustrations would be a great fit for.

One more thing, be sure to visit my IG page to see an entire “flip-through” of the book.

Take care!