Painting, for me, is like breathing fresh air, eating healthy food, doing yoga, getting sun, traveling. It nourishes my body and helps me make order of my life. Gratifying, terrifying, necessary. Sometimes over-thinking, sometimes under planning, always letting my intuition take over. Relaxing into it. Letting the process unfold.

Like life itself, I cannot plan for a safe and perfect passage free from harm or rejection or death. So too with painting. I accept this and layer and uncover and re-cover and allow for the perfectly imperfect journey to begin. And, whatever was covered up, still remains, even if not seen by the eye.

My paintings are done when I get a certain indescribable feeling, like discovering a connection with someone I just met. I stop some hours into it, others after years. Each painting teaches me something different about myself and my relationship to this life that I’m living. The style of my art has also mimicked my life—starting out “tight” and rigid, quiet and often what I thought art was supposed to look like. It has ever-so slowly emerged as has my own voice—bigger, bolder and brighter.

Travel is an integral part of my studies in life and art and has helped ground me and open me up to a worldwide connection. My paintings are an attempt to translate this sensation in one way or another. They are a reaction, an appreciation, a prayer, if you will, to all the places I’ve lived and been. And all the people I am connected to: my family, my ancestors, the living, human world. Stories, traditions, past and present.

My style is raw, authentic, flowing color and dripping paint, tight detail and words combined with loose, abstract marks. Hope springing from nothing. Making connection that seem impossible. Creating a more peaceful place to live amidst chaos, uncertainty and fear.





I was born in Chicago, raised in San Diego and summered on Washington Island, Wisconsin. I moved to Portland in 1995 in order to experience something new, found a job at Nike and settled into a 13 year career as a graphic designer. In 2009 I left Nike and started freelancing and doing art in my converted art studio in the Kenton neighborhood of North Portland. With a love of design and art, I hope to build partnerships with individuals and companies whose values align with mine. Together, I would like to help build and support brands through licensing my art for products to make them more unique, personal, beautiful, inspirational and authentic in order to help create a better world.